Carne confitada deshebrada de pato (kg.)

Carne confitada deshebrada de pato (kg.)

Se trata de carne de pato tierna, deshebrada y sin hueso con un exquisito sabor, obtenido al combinar finas hierbas con una cocción lenta en su misma grasa para evitar que dore y, por su versatilidad para combinarse, se puede emplear para preparar bocadillos en banquetes, canapés, tacos estilo mexicano y más.

Peso: 1 kg.

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Conservación: Hasta 30 días en refrigeración o congelación de hasta 1 año.
Notas: Mantener en congelación a -18ºC para un almacenamiento óptimo.
Empaque: 1 kg. en bolsa de alto vacío.

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Peso 1 kg


  1. Merlita

    The duck in tins of Confit de Canard is cooked but they need re-cooking – that’s one of the secrets of why they are so delicious… You could keep the ones you don’t cook in the fridge for a few days but I honestly don’t know about freezing. (I keep the duck fat in the fridge in a sealed jar for up to say 3 months!) I’ll find out about the freezing though. I will be getting some 4/5 pieces tins by the end of next week. Maybe you can order these?

  2. Miura

    You heat up the fat to get them out. (Then you can strain the fat tougrhh cheesecloth to get out small bits, and let it cool, and save it to use again) Then, once you’ve fished out the pieces of meat, you put them in a skillet and fry them until the skin crisps up.I have photos of this process, but I haven’t had time to write a good post about it yet. We used the confit to make Cassoulet.

  3. Jeff

    I think I added too much flour as well. I used half of the dough the first night with the onion confit and I thguhot the dough was a little stiff. But the other half that spent a night in the fridge turned out so much better. I think it just need to relax a bit. If I make it again, I would decrease my flour or add it more slowly to ensure I’m not adding too much.

  4. Satch

    Sharp thinking! Thanks for the answer.

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